My name is Diego Grajeda. I started in the fitness industry at the age of 17. At the age of 18 I got certified and started working for a commercial gym. A year later which was 2018 I started my own business from the ground up. Since started my business I have gotten 3 certification one in personal training, biomechanics, and sport nutrition.

Ive been training for over 5 years currently. I love what I do and enjoy spreading my knowledge and helping people reach there goals health and fitness goals while creating a culture among us. So you help you reach your goals I provide personalized training, calorie sheets, grocery list, and meal plans to help tp reach your goals. Daily weigh ins and monthly measurements will be kept up with the see how your progress is going.

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1 V 1 training will be kept completely private. For private training the schedule is also really flexible with options throughout the day and weekend. Semi private which is 2 in the same hour Is also an option available. Included is a meal plan, calorie sheet, and customized workout plan to your needs. Monthly measurements and weekly weigh in will also be kept up with to address your progress.

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Group classes are offered with options in the morning and afternoon M W F S. The classed consist of 15 minutes of cardio and 50 minutes of a customized weight lifting schedule. You will be guided through your whole session. Daily weigh ins and monthly measurements with be kept ups with to check progress. A meal plan and grocery list will be provided.

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Nutrition/Meal Plans/Grocery Lists

The most important parts of fitness and health include dietary discipline, which means we will go over nutrition and meal plans, grocery lists, and more. Watching your diet will also make your fitness journey easier.

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Holiday Boot Camp

Join me for a workout session at holiday boot camp training! Holiday boot camp is just one of the many training methods I use to ensure my clients get the most out of their fitness training experience.

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Group/Private Sessions

I offer group sessions and private sessions so that I can do my best to make sure all of my clients feel comfortable while training. For more information about setting up private sessions, please reach out today!

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Bi-Lingual (Spanish Speaker)

I can speak Spanish and English. Being bi-lingual enables me to connect to a wider variety of clients while providing the best affordable fitness training in the area.

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I provide both group and private classes. How the training is set up is we are currently doing 20 minutes of cardio with different methods and your own body weight and sometimes weights to warm up. After that, we do weight training which is around 40 minutes. The workout is finished when you finish! I will push you, and mainly, you will finish the workout in an hour! But everybody starts at different levels, so sometimes it might take you a little longer, but here that’s no problem, you finish when you finish. The condition will come with time. FOOD PLANS/OUTSIDE GYM WORKOUTS will be given with my training no matter private/group. Set up an appointment, and you’ll get 2 FREE personal training sessions! These two days will be assessments while working out.

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