Personal/Physical Trainer

As a certified personal trainer, sport nutritionist & biomechanics specialist, I have been professionally training clients for over five years. After training at a public gym for a year, I figured that with my determination and expertise in fitness and health that it was time to open my own training facility so that people could have easier access to an affordable personal trainer. I utilize my knowledge in fitness and health to help my clients reach their physical lifestyle goals. There are several training methods I use, such as various cardio exercises and weight training. I love to share health and fitness knowledge to educate my clients so they can walk away with a better idea of how to maintain healthy lifestyles when they’re not training. I believe in hard work and determination and intend to push my clients and encourage them never to give up. Set up an appointment today and get 2 FREE personal training sessions.

Nutrition/Meal Plans/Grocery Lists

At DG Fitness, I work closely with my clients to ensure I do everything I can to meet their fitness/health goals. I like to educate my clients on the importance of dietary fitness. Studying nutrition and coming up with meal plans are great ways to alter your grocery list and add some discipline to your diet. When beginning your fitness journey, it is imperative to watch what you consume. Paying attention to the nutritional value of the products you consume helps keep your diet on the right track. Habits are hard to break, but with the proper amount of support and self-discipline, I am willing to dedicate myself to helping my clients reach their fitness goals. I am hard-working and determined to ensure that my client's health and fitness needs are met. Contact me via telephone or email for more information about my dietary fitness techniques.

Holiday Boot Camps

Looking for a little more structure and discipline in your fitness lifestyle? Sign up for holiday boot camp at DG Fitness today! With years of experience and knowledge in the fitness industry, I push my clients to reach physical fitness goals through determination and self-discipline. At holiday boot camp, I train my clients to persevere in every trial they come across. Some of our training exercises include doing 20 minutes of different cardio exercises and about 40 minutes of weight training. Everyone is different, so finishing times may vary, but as long as you put the work in, that’s what matters most. If you or someone you know is ready to better their lives by improving and maintaining their physical fitness, stop by DG Fitness for affordable fitness training. Get 2 FREE personal training sessions when you schedule an appointment with me today!

Group/Private Lessons

Want to make a change for the better? Stop by DG Fitness and join one of my training sessions today. I offer both group sessions, and private sessions in case clients prefer a one-on-one session. I’ve been a certified personal trainer for over five years but have been strongly involved in the health and fitness industry since I was 17 years old! My dedication and experience as a certified personal trainer qualify me to provide the best affordable fitness training in the local area. Bring your family and friends for one of my engaging group training sessions! I push my clients to always do their best and never to give up. Self-discipline and determination is the key to maintaining health and fitness. I enjoy sharing health and fitness knowledge that I’ve learned over the years. Visit me today at DG Fitness and get 2 FREE personal sessions when you set up an appointment.

Bi-Lingual (Spanish Speaker)

I am bi-lingual as well, meaning I can speak both Spanish and English, which enables me to communicate and connect with a broader range of clientele and provide an overall excellent professional experience. At DG Fitness, everyone is like family, building relationships while working toward a common goal. Everyone is welcome at DG Fitness, and I always do everything I can to make my clients feel comfortable. For years I’ve trained with and built lasting relationships with fitness professionals. I believe the health and fitness community is friendly and has the potential to be very motivating and inspirational. As a certified fitness expert, it is important to me that I do everything I can to be a motivating force for my clients. If you are looking for the best personal trainer in the area, contact me via telephone or email for more information.

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